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Multimodal Artefact Analysis in Ancient Studies.

Investigating Intersemiotic Relations in Pictorial and Verbal Communication in Ancient Egypt, the Near East and Beyond

23.03.2021 – 26.03.2021

Conference organized by Patrizia Heindl and Elisa Roßberger
23-26 March 2021 via Zoom

The conference (now: zoomference) focuses on the form and the perception of verbal and non-verbal elements in the graphic design in/on artefacts from ancient Egypt, the Middle East, and beyond. It will bring together scholars from contemporary media studies and visual linguistics with scholars researching ancient cultures’ textual and archaeological remains. The term multimodality will serve as a conceptual anchor for reflections on the interface between semiotic codes, sensory modalities, and cognitive processes.
Organized by Patrizia Heindl (Egyptology) and Elisa Roßberger (Near Eastern Archaeology), the conference generously received funding from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, the Münchner Zentrum Antike Welten (MZAW), the Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology, and the Institute of Egyptology and Coptology at LMU Munich.
You can find all information on the speakers, programme, and abstracts on the conference website:
Participation via Zoom will be possible. Please contact the organizers: P.Heindl[at]aegyp.fak12.uni-muenchen.de or Elisa.Rossberger[at]lmu.de



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