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Tuna el-Gebel Grabungsprojekt

Joint Mission of the Universities of Cairo and Munich at Tuna el-Gebel
(as of April 2016)

  • Head of the Joint Mission: Prof. Dr. Salah el-Kholi, Cairo University (formerly Prof. Dr. Abd el-Halim Nur ed-Din and Prof. Dr. Dieter Kessler)
  • Director of the German team: Dr. des. Mélanie Flossmann-Schütze, LMU Munich
  • Assistant Director of the German team: Patrick Brose, LMU Munich
  • Jointly responsible: Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Hoffmann, Head of the Institute for Egyptology, LMU Munich
  • Team members: see here (coming soon)
  • Funding sponsors: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG (1989–2003), Collegium Aegyptium (since 2003), LMU Munich (since 2009), Graduate School "Distant Worlds" GSDW of LMU Munich (since January 2014), Volkswagen Foundation VW (since October 2015) and Egypt Exploration Society EES (since June 2016)
  • Current main cooperation partners: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities – Cairo, Inspectorate of Tuna el-Gebel – Mallawi, German Archaeological Institute – Cairo, French Institute For Oriental Archaeology – Cairo, Graduate School "Distant Worlds" – LMU Munich, ArcheoBioCenter – LMU Munich, Egypt Exploration Society EES
  • For further information, visit: Homepage of Tuna el-Gebel (coming soon)

Since 1989 an interdisciplinary team of the Faculty of Archaeology of Cairo University and the Institute for Egyptology of the LMU Munich are investigating the archaeological site "Tuna el-Gebel" (Middle Egypt), the ancient necropolis of the capital of the 15th Upper Egyptian Nome and main cult centre of the god Thoth, Hermopolis Magna. In the past 40 years research has been focusing on 1) the subterranean animal necropolis (e.g. animal burials, cult chapels) including zooarchaeological examinations, 2) the superstructures including the temple of Osiris-Baboon and the "priests house", 3) the settlements of the religious communities whose inhabitants lived in part along the processional way leading from the animal necropolis to Kom el-Loli, and 3) the Late Period to Roman period tombs of its members, including the famous tomb of Anch-Hor.

From 16th–19th January 2014 the international Conference "Tuna el-Gebel – eine ferne Welt" was organised at the Institute for Egyptology of LMU Munich funded by the Graduate School "Distant Worlds".

The results of the research activities are being published in the series "Tuna el-Gebel TeG".

Main and cooperation projects of the Joint Mission Cairo-Munich: